We Offer Custom Rubber/ Silicone Extruded Gaskets For Mining, Agriculture, Automobile, Aviation, Machinery, Industries with Design and Engineering Support

Elevate your rubber extrusion projects with our superior custom rubber extrusion services

Welcome to Custom Rubber Extrusion. A reliable partner for premium Rubber extrusion solutions for your precise needs.

Why choose us?

1. Unparalleled Expertise:

Years of experience: Thanks to our extensive industry experience, we have honed our rubber extrusion skills and knowledge.

Expert: Our expert team consists of highly qualified and trained professionals who excel in their respective roles.

Problem-Solving Skills: We have experienced teams that can tackle complex challenges and provide innovative solutions.

Industry knowledge: Our deep understanding of various industries allows us to offer specialized solutions for specific applications.

Track-Record: Our track record of successful projects and satisfied customers speaks volumes for our unrivaled expertise among all the silicone extrusion companies.

2. Cutting-edge technology:

Advanced Rubber Extruder: We use state-of-the-art rubber extruders equipped with the latest technology for maximum precision and efficiency.

Precision tools: Our state-of-the-art tooling capabilities ensure tight tolerances and precise profiles for consistent, high-quality products, making us among the most trusted rubber extrusion suppliers.

Real-time monitoring: We use advanced monitoring systems to monitor key parameters such as temperature, pressure, and speed to ensure optimal extrusion conditions at all times.

Material optimization: We use innovative technology to optimize material consumption, minimize waste and reduce overall production costs.

Continuous improvement: We remain at the forefront of technological advancements in Rubber extrusion and constantly invest in research and development to provide our customers with the best possible solutions.

3. Customized solution:

Customized to your specifications:

  • We understand that every project is unique and very-very special in its way.
  • We are among the best rubber extrusion companies designed to meet your specific needs and deliver optimal results.

Co-design process:

  • Our experienced engineers work closely with you throughout the entire design process.
  • We take your smallest of inputs into account and create an individual profile that meets your exact requirements.

Material versatility:

  • Our wide variety of rubber compounds and materials offers the versatility to choose the right solution for your application.
  • From silicone rubber extrusion to specialty compounds, you've come to the right place.

Accuracy and Consistency:

  • Our commitment to precision ensures tight tolerances and consistency in every custom rubber extrusion.
  • You can rely on us for high-quality profiles that meet your exact specifications.

4. Wide range of materials:

High-performance silicon: Discover our silicone rubber extrusion materials known for their superior heat resistance, flexibility, and electrical insulating properties.

Special material: We offer specialty rubber formulations such as FDA-approved grades, flame retardant compounds, and conductive elastomers to meet specific industry needs.

Customizable Durometer: Customize the rubber tread firmness with customizable durometer options for optimal performance in a variety of environments.

Color options: Adding a touch of customization with color options allows you to customize the rubber tread to suit your branding or specific project needs.

Our service:

1. Rubber extrusion:

  • We specialize in precision rubber extrusion and provide high-quality profiles and shapes.
  • Our team of experts ensures tight tolerances and consistency on every product.

2. Silicone rubber extrusion:

  • Experience the superior flexibility and durability of our silicone at one of the best Silicone extrusion companies.
  • Ideal for applications that require excellent heat resistance and electrical insulation.

3. Custom profile:

We create individual rubber extruder profiles according to customer specifications.

4. Prototyping and design:

Take advantage of our expertise in developing functional and cost-effective rubber extrusions.

5. Value-Added Solutions:

In addition to being one of the best rubber extrusion companies, we provide value-added solutions such as cutting, stamping, and splicing.

Maximize efficiency and reduce production time with our comprehensive service.

Be Custom Rubber Extrusion Partners:

1. Industry-leading quality:

Strict quality control measures ensure excellent performance and durability.

2. Timely delivery:

  • We know how important it is to meet project deadlines.
  • Count on us to deliver fast and efficient deliveries with minimal downtime for rubber extrusion near you.

3. Dedicated Customer Support: At Custom Rubber Extrusion, customer satisfaction is our top priority.

Experience the benefits of custom rubber extrusion today.

When it comes to rubber extrusion suppliers, Custom Rubber Extrusion is among the trusted rubber extrusion companies near you. Contact us today to discuss your project needs and unlock the full potential of your rubber extrusion.

Remember: For unparalleled precision, quality, and customer satisfaction, chooses Custom Rubber Extrusion for all your rubber extrusion needs.

CTA:- Contact Custom Rubber Extrusion today and realize the full potential of your rubber extrusion project. If you need advice and proper support, contact us today.

What Materials Are Commonly Used in Profile Extrusions

Common materials used in profile extrusions encompass a diverse range to suit varied application needs. Thermoplastics such as PVC, ABS, and polyethylene offer flexibility and chemical resistance. Elastomers like EPDM and silicone excel in sealing and weather resistance. In metal profiles, aluminum and stainless steel provide structural strength and corrosion resistance. These chosen materials, tailored to the specific application, contribute to the durability, performance, and longevity of extruded profiles in industries spanning construction, automotive, and beyond. The selection process ensures optimal functionality and enhances the value of the end products.

For your profile extrusion needs, trust Extrusions Global. We're your dedicated partner, providing comprehensive solutions tailored to your requirements. With expertise in crafting precision profiles, we ensure quality, performance, and satisfaction. Count on us to deliver the perfect solution for your project. We are here to support you every step of the way. 


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